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Automatic Calibration

TYPE 3116M
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TYPE 2011A


Inductive Voltage Divider
TYPE 6430A
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TYPE 6415A
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TYPE 6401A
Error Compensation
Current Transformer

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LCR Standard
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HCS Series
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Capacitance Bridge
High Accuracy Voltage Divider
TYPE 6401A
In the calibration work for AC voltage, the Model 6401A can produce extreme low voltage difficult to be caught by conventional calibrator in high accuracy using a calibrator as a set.
1.1 Ratio error can be negligible because it is within 1ppm(1kHz)as compared with the error of the calibrator.
1.2 High input impedance and low output impedance.
1.3 Usable for long time and maintains several characteristics safely because the unit has no factors subject to changes in temperature or humidity in ambient.
1.4 Very easy handling.
2.1 Voltage Ratio 1, 1/10, 1/100, 1/1000, 1/10000, 1/100000,
and 0 (7 ranges)
2.2 Ratio Error 1ppm/1kHz (referred to input)
2.3 Frequency 50Hz-10kHz
2.4 Input Voltage 0.2V rms/Hz
2.5 Maximum Input Voltage 200V rms/1kHz
2.6 Input Impedance 5k /1kHz
2.7 Output Impedance Below 5
2.8 Dimensions (W/H/D) 210 / 120 / 190 (mm)
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