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Automatic Power Supply Unit for 792A TYPE APSU792A
SunJEM Type APSU792A makes the power supply of Fluke 792A AC/DC Transfer Standard automatic and enables long period use. It consists of 2 battery channels, charging device and the control circuit utilizing the internal control circuit (PCB) of 792A POWER PACK. Operation can be executed either with push buttons or simple commands through GPIB interface.

1.1 Maintains all functions of 792A POWER PACK, and usable in longer hours.
1.2 There are two built-in batteries (A and B). While the one supplies power to 792A, the other can be recharged. Also, the status such as OPERATE, Low Battery, Charge Up can be monitored with serial poll via GPIB.
1.3 Number of recharging is recorded, which helps the decision of when to exchange the batteries.
1.4 Remote controllable by an external computer as the unit is equipped with GPIB interface.
2.1 Battery: GS YUASA NP7-12 12V 7Ah 4 sets
2.2 Recharging Time: approx. 8hours
2.3 Battery Charger: GS YUASA BC-3A2-12VTN 1set built-in
2.4 Interface: GPIB
2.5 Power Supply: AC100V
2.6 Size: 430 x 450 x 135 (W x D x H)
2.7 Weight: approx. 18kg
  • Internal PCB of 792A POWER PACK must be supplied by a customer prior to make type APSU 792A.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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